What if I told you that the Earth is not as unique as everyone thinks; That another world, parallel to ours, similar and yet different, exists and all you have to do is walk through a portal to get there?

Would you believe me?

When Arhylinn sets foot in this other world, all of her beliefs are called into question. She then discovers Désia, a place divided into four kingdoms linked to the four elements; places that seem utopian, but which hide many secrets, conflicts and discoveries ...

Would you follow her?

Humans from the Other World, discover Désia, a place from which you will not return unscathed!


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After several months spent on Desia, Arhylinn is happy, in love, in the process of getting married, but after renegade Feudors burned down the village of her Prince, the one who already defies all royal codes does not intend to leave pass that.

The quest to find their friends will lead Arhylinn, Yumna and their companions to the depths of the Kingdom of Fire, in the mountains and arid lands of this volcanic country which does not forgive anyone for venturing there.

The young woman will also meet new people there and forge solid friendships while settling accounts with a few members of her companion's family who are reluctant to let a commoner join their ranks. His bond with Yumna will also be put to the test when a basket is discovered on the only one in their house, a few days before their wedding.


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Two years have passed since her marriage and Arhylinn once again faces an ordeal that will separate her from her adopted son.

Uji not being an Aildor, but an Aquador, he is forced to return to his kingdom to find out if he does not have grieving parents waiting for him somewhere, but it is without much conviction that he goes there, convinced that there is nothing for him there, because all his life is in Aroyada with Arhylinn and Yumna.

The young boy's stay in Lkamis, however, will not go as planned and those he considers his parents will have a hard time accepting his decision, even more so the enormous plot that will be exposed thanks to it.

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Twenty-four-year-old Walter Holden leads the most peaceful life of a supermarket vigil in the small town of Sandearock Heights.


Until the mansion outside the city, abandoned for thirty years, was reopened overnight.

Meeting Walter with his tenant will completely change his life and undermine everything he thought until now about his parents and in particular his mother, who died of cancer when he was a child.


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In history, there is an ultimate punishment: the erasure of your passage on Earth. Nothing remains, no document, no image, everything is erased, destroyed, and this has existed for thousands of years, its name the "Damnation of Memory".

In the distant future, when the classic condemnations are no longer scary, this punishment has emerged from the history books, arranged, modified, but the goal is the same: to erase the person from the world of the living ... by plunging it into a sleep the length of which will equal the gravity of his crime.

Awakened after serving their sentences, Lysea, Theodoros, Bust and so many others must now rebuild their lives on their own, without help, without family, without friends, while enduring the stares of others. But isn't the worst thing, in the end, to have to rebuild yourself by remembering everything that has been done in the past?

"We were not sentenced to death; we were sentenced to live."

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À la suite de l'attaque de pirates spatiaux, les espoirs de Lysea, Théo et des autres Récents à bord du Navuus sont mis à mal ; le vaisseau est détruit en orbite d'une planète, mettant ainsi un terme à leur rêve de nouvelle vie sur la planète Idos.

Réfugiés dans des navettes de secours, ils s'installent tant bien que mal dans un petit paradis verdoyant, pourtant, il n'y a aucune ville à l’horizon, pas un seul humain à part eux... Alors, que s’est-il réellement passé sur le Navuus ? Comment vont-ils pouvoir contacter Dorea ou tout autre vaisseau croisant dans les environs pour obtenir du secours ? Et, surtout, où se trouvent-ils ?

L’arrivée d’un navire pirate va mettre un terme aux explorations des naufragés et Lysea va découvrir à ses dépens qu’elle est loin d’en avoir fini avec les secrets que sa mémoire trouée cache encore…



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Après la mort de sa meilleure amie qu'elle n'a pas vue depuis vingt ans, Jana Eberhardt, trente-neuf ans, se rend à Paris sur sa tombe pour la saluer une dernière fois. Là, elle se voit confier une étrange clef ancienne par un vieil homme qui se dit être le fils d'Asma, ce qui est impossible, car Asma n'a même pas quarante ans à sa mort.
Intriguée, Jana ne met pas longtemps avant de commencer à s'intéresser à cette mystérieuse clef, bien décidée à en découvrir tous les secrets.

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