Alyssa - Welcome to Sandearock Heights was originally a short story of less than five hundred words that I wrote for a contest organized by Femina magazine. They had several themes and I had chosen "the return of the witch". It was not retained (it was a voting system where readers voted for the story they liked best, but there were several hundred submitted and people weren't reading everything, far from it. )

So I put this little story aside later to focus on other projects, then in 2020, I discovered a competition with a key edition, a Call for Texts, more precisely, concerning a " Anthology of Witches "where participants had to write a text of less than five thousand words telling a love story between a human and a witch. I had a pitch ready, five hundred words to develop, challenge accepted.

And there, patatras, I missed the deadline to send the text ... Yep.

However, I had enjoyed writing this story a lot and I couldn't just let it rot in a folder like that without doing anything with it, so I made the decision to take it over and flesh it out into a text. which is editable. By dint of development, I ended up having about 150 pages in paperback format and I had nothing more to develop, in my opinion. It was succinct, no frills, a beginning a middle an end, I was happy with myself, it was the main thing (because you have to know that I am unable to write a short text and for me, a Novella 20k words and a few, it was still short, even if for others, it is very long.)

So, I sent it to Amazon KDP and it has been living its small life quietly since the end of 2020. A few Columnists to whom I sent it for free in exchange for a column (Thank you, Captain Evidence ...) have me however indicated that certain passages lacked development, which of course triggered in my brain an irrepressible desire to write a long version of Alyssa, a sequel, why not, where Walter would go to discover his new life, and above all looking for all those people who decided that lying to her would be best for the child he was then.