Désia is a quadrilogy. It has never been otherwise since its inception in the early 2000s.

But, at the very beginning, this story had a whole different name, "The Wings of Happiness" and it stuck for a very long time. Volumes 1 and 2 were released under that name, by the way, until I decided that title definitely wasn't going to work anymore. Finally, after deliberation (with my sisters, mainly), I said to myself, the story takes place for the most part in a world called Desia, each tome is named after one of the four kingdoms, so why look noon to 2 p.m. , I'm going to call my saga "Désia" and voila!

Désia is the story, at the very beginning, during what today I would call the "first draft", of Skye, a sixteen year old girl who spends her life in the library, as soon as she at one point, she goes there, to read, to appreciate the silence of this timeless space. During one of her explorations of the dark and dusty shelves where people never go, she finds a book that shines. If, if, which shines, which glows with a whitish glow. Inaccessible, because stored at the top of the shelf, Skye climbs on a step and grabs the book, but it burns her fingers and falls to the floor. It then opens, its pages turn and a white light blinds the young girl who falls from the stool. When she opens her eyes again, she is facing a man dressed in white, blue eyes, pale skin, with wings on his back. This is the very first appearance of Yumna Solsanke, the second main character of Désia.

This first volume underwent quite a bit of rewriting, over the years that followed and over the course of one of them, Skye became Arhylinn (with Skye as the last name) and if today she is still a A bookworm, she has become a seventeen-year-old student who occasionally needs the silence of this place to work.

One of its rewritings was also fatal on this first draft, I could no longer continue to write it, so I deleted everything and started from scratch. The current story was born and it all happened in no time.

In 2004, volume 1 was complete and at the time, I did not know the terms "rewrite", "correction", "beta reading", so for me, the novel was finished ready to be published. So I put it aside and went on to volume 2 which suffered a setback quite other than a complete rewrite: a hard disk crash. During the heatwave of 2006, my poor Dell computer did not survive, my hard drive died and I lost dozens of manuscripts including The Kingdom of Fire which I had just completed a few days earlier. I was at the end of my life, I was sick of it for days, my parents didn't understand why I reacted like that to "a computer file", but writing is part of my life, it's not a work is not a hobby either, if I don't write I'm sick. After a few days, I recovered and since the story was still fresh in my head, I rewrote everything and improved, I think, that first draft which died prematurely. The story is the one you can currently read on Amazon, unlike Volume 1 which I revamped better when I took on the challenge of one of my sisters to translate my own novels into English.

In September 2021, Volume 3 Le Royaume des Eaux was released as an independent edition, still on Amazon, and Volume 4 is being written. I have a kind of common thread to follow that gives me a general idea of the direction the story should take, but since I know myself, I deviate very often and then I have to make sure to bring the story back to the same level as the frame, which sometimes requires ten pages of text and adjustments in the characters.

As I write this, I don't yet have the end of this quadrilogy in mind, but I trust myself, it won't be long! I can go several weeks without touching a manuscript, blocked, and then one day, it unblocks and I write several thousand words in one go (for some fellow writers, I am moreover a kind of robot, but I take it as a compliment!)

I am going to stop blabbing now, and let you discover the characters of this saga and their history, as well as the history of this world created from scratch that continues to evolve and expand over the years .